Welcome to the Doomsday Machine

by Adeptus Mechanicus

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The Doomsday Machine is a hypothetical construction (usually a weapon, or collection of weapons) which could destroy all life on a planet, particularly the Earth or destroy the planet itself, bringing “Doomsday”, a term used for the end of planet Earth. Most hypothetical constructions rely on the fact that Hydrogen Boms can be made arbitrarily large assuming there are no concerns about delivering them to a target (see Teller-Ulam design) or that they can be "salted" with materials designed to create long-lasting and hazardous fallout (e.g., a Cobalt Bomb).
Doomsday Machines and the Nuclear Holocaust they bring about have been present in literature and art especially in the 20th century, when advances in Science and Technology made world destruction (or at least the eradication of all human life) a credible scenario. Many classics in the genre of Science Fiction take up the theme in this respect.
After the advent of Nuclear Weapons, especially hydrogen bombs, these technologies have usually been the dominant components of doomsday devices, RAND strategist Herman Kahn proposed a "Doomsday Machine" in 1960 that would consist of a computer linked to a stockpile of hydrogen bombs, programmed to detonate them all and bathe the planet in nuclear fallout at the signal of an impending nuclear attack from another nation. The key aspect of the doomsday device's deterrent factor is that it would go off automatically without human aid and despite human intervention, providing a highly credible threat that would dissuade attackers and avoid the dangerous game of brinkmanship that brought the United States and the Soviet Union closer to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. With a Doomsday Machine on the planet, neither side would suspect the other of launching a sneak attack in attempt to destroy the opposing country's infrastructure before they could retaliate.


released April 21, 2015

"Welcome to the Doomsday Machine" is composed, recorded and mixed, on april 21, 2015, by Adeptus Mechanicus, at the Oblivion Hole Sound Lab.



all rights reserved


Adeptus Mechanicus Hell, The Netherlands

Noise Musician from The Netherlands, which started of, in september 2014, by making (Harsh) Noise and experimental electronic music though the use of manipulated sounds, and later also, Ambient, Dark Ambient and Space Ambient.
Does also produce Glitch and Circuit Bending music under the name √π-, Hardcore, Speedcore and (Deep) Techno under the name TNT and makes HNW under the pseudo of Tarpit
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