by Adeptus Mechanicus


The Backwards Music Station (also known as "Whalesong") is a Numbers Station that plays a loud, grating sound and several high pitch whines in the background. Occasionally, what appears to be a voice can be heard in the background. The Backwards Music Station was found on various frequencies on the short wave band until about 2004 with the transmissions apparently coming from both the United States and in England. There are debates whether the station is some complex form of communication known as LINCOMPEX or whether it's simply feedback from Naval transmitters.

It has been suggested that the station is used to communicate with spies. The frequencies used are very similar to the frequencies used by the US Navy, and they appear to emanate from bases in Jacksonville, Florida and Virginia Beach.
There is also a source of these waves in England, suggesting that perhaps the signals are used by NATO to communicate with one another.


released December 21, 2015

Written and produced by Adeptus Mechanicus, recorded, mixed, re-recorded and edited at the Oblivion Hole Sound Lab.
Released on Murmure Intemporel (through Free Music Archive)



Adeptus Mechanicus Hell, The Netherlands

Noise Musician from The Netherlands, which started of, in september 2014, by making (Harsh) Noise and experimental electronic music though the use of manipulated sounds, and later also, Ambient, Dark Ambient and Space Ambient.
Does also produce Glitch and Circuit Bending music under the name √π-, Hardcore, Speedcore and (Deep) Techno under the name TNT and makes HNW under the pseudo of Tarpit
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